Astral Trekkor's latest release, PBC on a Mission, with its odious and deliberate rhythm, captures his premeditated and preposterous, fatuous and contemptuous disregard for all things PBC.  While nearing the point of having to “bite off his tongue” (and perhaps THAT explains his “I AM IRON MAN” voice), he regrettably reminds his audience of those grim and horrific days of pre-enlightenment.   
Allegedly, this performance, born of years of physical neglect, and a more than an occasional dive into the realm of Gin and Tonic (not without relish), paints an abominable portrait of notorious and heinous experience of having to “sleep with rocks”, whilst being hornswoggled of his gold dust. In truth, blind though he was, he did unwittingly forfeit his piddling pittance forthrightly.  He just can’t remember the lurid details. Nor can anyone else.
The song graphically captures the dubious disappointment at the realization of being lassoed into a brotherhood of questionable circumstance.  Nebulous as it may be, the malfeasant organization did accept him with somewhat open arms.  Regrettably Astral Trekkor’s narcissistic and loathsome delusions of grandeur inestimably cause him to perform such deliberate and regrettable dilations on such an innocent instrument, and so thusly recorded.
Other than that, it ain’t bad!
Reviewed by the Rolling Stoned, Volume 1069.

terry Billington <> wrote:
Struck by uncommon inspiration - I have constructed a musical tribute to the lowly PBC...
Click on the following link and enjoy the aural edification:
An Ode to the PBC
Hopefully that overprice checkbook balancer / solitaire player you call a computer comes with respectable sound reproduction equipment! (stereo speakers and a woofer would be nice... stereo speakers at least.) 
This as yet may not be a completed project... (Think I'll go purchase a microphone so I can add my own vocal eloquence to the selection!  Not particularly happy with the "RoboTalk" )   Oh Yeah!  Don't forget to click on the lyrics....
What Sayeth the Brethren!
Terry "Two Fingers" Billington, aka "The Astral Trekkor"
P.S.Those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the Ballarat Clampout and were there early enough on Friday will appreciate the sound effect inconspicuously place in the middle of the composition.