Lost and Found

At the doins (Integratron) someone left a small hand-held electronic device (a mini cassette recorder) at the Clampstore or in my camp. I meant to make an announcement at the doins about it, but it fell through the cracks. They can contact me and identify it. I will make arrangements to return it.
 Mike Johnson XNGH, CP @ 951-785-8820 - jfam4fun@aol.com



At the Spring Doins in Pioneertown one of our own had the misfortune of misplacing his SELF ESTEEM and his Dignity, at the same time. If by some odd chance one of you might have found them, please return them to BOB "THE BEAR BAIT" GALL. He is lost and confused with out them.

Thanks, Cass Ellsworth

I got 'em, claim 'em. The binoculars that were left at our clampsite are in my mitts. Call and identify (909) 338-4680 cell (909)314-8849 e-mail@doublerisrockin@aol.com

Rick Elliott XPBC/Hangmans Scribe, Crestline Boy

Jerry McDonald has a pair of prescription sun glasses found in his car at the Hemi XIX Doins. Contact Rick Gavigan at ecvrick1069@earthlink.net to claim them